Sealcoating Benefits


1. Does sealcoating extend my asphalt life?

Yes by sealcoating your parking lots, driveways and walkways will help protect from the elements. It closes the pores of the asphalt thereby extending the life of your parking lots and driveways. 

2. How does  sealcoating  SAVE high repair costs 

Unsealed asphalt is exposed and unprotected from environmental elements. Which will result in potholes, cracks and potential crumbling. Preventative maintenance will help to avoid the more costly option of repaving.

3. Can it protect against the freeze-thaw cycle? 

Asphalt not protected by a seal coat layer are exposed to the elements, especially water damage. Water will work its way through small cracks and pores in the asphalt. During the winter months water will freeze and expand cracking the pavement surface. Seal coat and protect your asphalt today!

4. Does the Sun do damage my  driveway?

Sun damage occurs year round. Ultra-violet rays break down the asphalt causing brittleness and damage. Seal coating protects all year!

5. Can sealcoating help prevent auto fluid damage?

Asphalt is petroleum-based; gas, oil and transmission fluid will leak onto the asphalt, penetrating and softening the surface causing deterioration, breakage and cracking. By seal coating this will help reduce the damage being done to your asphalt.>

6. How does sealcoating make my property look better?

Curb appeal! After an application of seal coat it immediately  make your asphalt look like new  again. Sealcoating not only  protects your driveway or parking lot it enhances the appearance of your property.

7. How does  sealcoating  save  me money?  

Routine seal coating, especially in New England can save you money. Without regular sealcoating the life of your asphalt will be shortened, cracks and deterioration will occur sooner, once this happen you will be faced with costly repairs and or replacement.

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